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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a reading order for your series?

 Yes! Here is a current Reading order. 

Knight's Ridge Empire Reading Order 


Where can I find the available Bonus Scenes?

You can find all the available bonus scenes below. There are also some bonus shorts available over on my Patreon for my members.


Rosewood High  

First Christmas 


Knight's Ridge Empire

Deviant Fight Knight 

Dark Knight Legacy 

Corrupt Valentine's Knight 

Corrupt Wedding Knight 


Harrow Creek 



Callahan Billionaires

By His Vow Extended Epilogue  


When is your next audiobook releasing?

I am never sure on release dates for my audiobooks. They are not pre-orders like my ebooks so I am unable to let you know when it will be releasing.

I have a dedicated team working hard behind the scenes to bring these audiobooks to life as quickly as they can.


Will we return to Harrow Creek for more?

Yes! I have Harrow Creek on my list of worlds to return to! 


Will the Italian mafia, Reapers, and Wolves get books as well?

They will! I’m not sure when they are coming, but they are definitely on my future book list.


How do I sign up to your release tours?

You can find the link in my connect page for any currently open tour.

You can also email with any tour questions.


Will the books on Patreon ever be released to Amazon?

Some of the books are early access for Patreon subscribers and will release later, while others are exclusive to Patreon.


Where can I find foiled books and book boxes?

You can order your foiled books and boxes from here – Foil books & Boxes

What is the best way to contact you?

For all your Online store enquiries you can contact

For all other enquires you can contact

You can also find me in my group Tracy’s Angels on Facebook.

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