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#17 Sinful Princess


Starting over… a new life.

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*Exclusive paperbacks only available in Tracy's store. These books have foil covers with exclusive interior formatting. 


Starting over… a new life.

Far, far away from where I grew up. But I always expected to be the one to save myself. I was naïve enough to think the decision about where I went, and more importantly, who with would be up to me.

Turns out, I never had a say. In any of it. My future had been mapped out long ago. A future that begins at eighteen when I’m ripped away from the only home I’ve ever known and thrust into a world darker than the one I was running from.

When I’m dragged around like a rag doll with a price on my head, the only person I can think about is him.

The dark and sinful man who turned my life upside down. He could save me. I know he could. But there’s just one problem. He’s going to have to find me first.

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