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#18 Sinful Kingdom


Everything I thought I knew was a lie.

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*Exclusive paperbacks only available in Tracy's store. These books have foil covers with exclusive interior formatting. 


Everything I thought I knew was a lie.

Including the one I kept telling myself… that he was coming for me.

The illusion that I was safe, shattered with every step as I ran.

Much like Alex, this world is nothing more than wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Beautiful, breathtaking.

Until you find yourself alone, running barefoot through the woods, second-guessing every shadow.

What I need is a miracle, and thankfully one comes.

Weak and broken, I find my way into my family’s waiting arms, against all odds.

But the relief is only short-lived because what I’ve just been through barely scratches the surface of this sinister nightmare.

I should run. I should hide. But when the lives of those I love are at stake, all sense of rationality goes out the window.

He saved me when I needed him most.

It’s time I return the favour. Even if it means ruining any kind of future we could have had in the process.

We’re meant to be building a kingdom, but brick by brick, it’s all crumbling around us.

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