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#19 Knight's Ridge Destiny

$16.99 $23.99

A lot can happen in five years…

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Friendships forged.

Relationships ruined.

Loved ones taken.

New life entering the world.

We’ve seen it all—survived it all—but one thing remains.

Or should I say, six things…

Throughout everything. The danger, the drama, the six of us are still going strong.

Despite the ups and downs, love has conquered all.

As it should.

Our family is growing fast, promises are being made and futures are being planned.

But one thing is for sure… things are never going to calm down. Our destiny is controlled chaos.

We might think we have things all under control, but if there’s one thing you can bank on in this life… it’s a plot twist.

And the Knight’s Ridge legacy is just getting started.

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