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#2 Paine


She was my best friend. The person I told my deepest secrets to. But when my world came crashing down, it was all because of her family.

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She was my best friend… until her family ripped mine apart.

That was the past. Or so I thought.

I tried to put Camila behind me and move on with my life.

But she’s always there: taunting me, tempting me, showing me the life I could have been living.

I should have been laughing when her own world turned upside down. After all, Karma is a bitch like that.

Instead, I find myself drawn to Camila—or in our case, forced together.

Now I have no choice but to remember the girl I’ve tried so hard to forget.

And it’s the worst kind of pain...


He was the boy next door… until he became the enemy down the hall.

He blames me, ever since his dad left.

Like I’m somehow personally responsible for his family falling apart.

I can handle his anger. His animosity even.

But I don’t know how to handle him pretending to care after he’s been more than obvious how much despises me.

When his family has no place to go, he’s under my roof and under my skin.

I wish I could make him remember how we used to be.

Before he shattered my heart with his hatred.

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