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#3 Bitter Sweet Retaliation


Leon & Macie Duet: A Dark Bully College Romance (Maddison Kings University Collections Book 3) In the Exclusive Spot Varnished Cover only available for Tracy's store.

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Secrets destroy from the inside out. They twist you up and leave you tangled— alone with only your dark and depraved thoughts. Thoughts that turn into plans.

Plans to retaliate. I’m going to reap devastation on those who wronged me. Starting with the angel who could have saved me… but damned me instead. It’s my turn to use her.

She might have forgotten me… but all I can do is remember. And when I’m through with her, she’ll be as haunted as I am.

Always so naïve, she plays right into my twisted game. Thinking this was about her— and not about the retaliation I desperately crave.

Setting the truth free will poison everyone I love. Good thing I already hate Macie… and myself.

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