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The Secrets You Keep - Maddison Kings University


My naive heart only ever beat for two guys…


* Exclusive paperbacks only available in Tracy's store. These books have foil covers, beautiful blue sprayed edges and exclusive interior formatting designed and chosen by Tracy Lorraine.


My naive heart only ever beat for two guys…

Two totally unattainable guys. Forbidden guys— the kind mothers warn their daughters about.

Tristan was the one everyone wanted… but he was also my brother’s best friend. Smart, kind, and hot as hell, with a one-way ticket straight to the NFL.

And then there was Knox… the bad-boy who turned my world upside down. Only a year older, he made me feel like it was just a silly crush… until the first time he kissed me.

The hot, soon-to-be-inked-up gangster from the wrong part of town broke every rule, and shattered hearts… I just never expected one of them to be mine.

All these years later, I can barely remember who I was back then, back before he burned me.

Now I’m at Maddison Kings University, and they walk back into my life, throwing my world into a tailspin. Tristan is there for me when things go up in smoke. And Knox is there striking matches, tempting me like a ghost in the night with his darkness.

But I’m a strong independent woman now— I go after what I want and my damaged heart still wants them both.

This time around things are different.

They are lying to me… and the secrets about my past have the power to tear my heart in two.

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